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Program Committee


Le Gruenwald
University of Oklahoma, School of Computer Science
United States

Brief Bio
Le Gruenwald is a Professor, Dr. David W. Franke Professor, and Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation Presidential Professor in the School of Computer Science at The University of Oklahoma, United States. She was a Cluster Lead and Program Director of the Information Integration and Informatics program and a Program Director of the Cyber Trust program at the National Science Foundation (NSF) in the United States. Her major research interests include Spatio-Temporal Big Data Management and Mining, Cloud Data Management, Data Stream Management and Mining, Quantum Machine Learning and Data Management, Mobile Data Management, and Information Security and Privacy. She has published more than 200 technical articles in journals, books and conference proceedings and has served on the editorial boards, organizing committees, and program committees for many journals, conferences, and workshops. ... More >>

Elio Masciari
University of Napoli Federico II

Brief Bio
Elio Masciari is currently Associate Professor at University of Naples Federico II. He was senior researcher at the Institute for High Performance Computing and Networks (ICAR-CNR) of the National Research Council of Italy. His research interest include Database Management, Semistructured Data and recently Big Data. He has been advisor of several master thesis at the University of Calabria and at Univeristy Magna Graecia in Catanzaro. He was advisor of PhD thesis in computer engineering at University of Calabria. He has served as a member of the program committee of several international conferences. He served as a reviewer for several scientific journal of international relevance. He holds "Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale" for Full Professor role. ... More >>

Colette Rolland (honorary)
Université De Paris1 Panthèon Sorbonne

Brief Bio
Colette Rolland is Professor Emeritus at the University Paris1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Her research interests lie on topics such as conceptual modelling, methodologies and support tools, method engineering, requirements engineering, business process modelling, co-evolution, IS and business alignment and change management. She has been involved in a large number of European research projects and she is used to lead cooperative research projects with companies. Colette has an extensive experience in supervising PhD theses (110); she published about 350 reviewed papers in Journals and Conferences, cumulated 10000 citations, has been editor of 30 Conference Proceedings, is member of the board of 10 International Journals and has delivered more than 60 keynote talks in International Conferences. She is an IFIP officer, IEEE member and received several awards such as IFIP Silver Core, IFIP service Award, Franqui’s Foundation award (Belgium) and European award of ‘Information Systems’. She is Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Geneva. ... More >>


Leon A. Abdillah, Bina Darma University, Indonesia
A Mohammed Abubakar, Antalya Bilim University, Turkey
Naresh K. Agarwal, Simmons University, United States
Vittal S. Anantatmula, Western Carolina University, United States
Ashiq Anjum, University of Derby, United Kingdom
Michael Arias, Universidad de Costa Rica, Costa Rica
Ismailcem B. Arpinar, University of Georgia, United States
Giuseppe Berio, University of South Brittany, France
Minal Bhise, Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, India
Kelly Braghetto, University of São Paulo, Brazil
Patrick Brezillon, , France
Cinzia Cappiello, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Nunzia Carbonara, Politecnico di Bari, Italy
Prodromos Chatzoglou, Democritus University of Thrace, Greece
Abhijit Chaudhury, Bryant University, United States
Chun-Hsien Chen, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Eric K. Cheng, The Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Vincent Cheutet, Université de Lyon, INSA Lyon, DISP (EA4570), France
Dickson Chiu, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Chin Wei Chong, Multimedia University, Malaysia
Ritesh Chugh, Central Queensland University, Australia
Roberta Cuel, University of Trento, Italy
Weihui Dai, Fudan University, China
John Davies, BT, United Kingdom
Francesco M. Donini, University of Tuscia, Italy
Hans-Dieter Ehrich, Technische Universitaet Braunschweig, Germany
Benoit Eynard, Sorbonne University, University of Technology of Compiegne, France
Paula de Camargo Fiorini, Sao Paulo State University, Brazil
Raquel Florez-lopez, University Pablo De Olavide, Seville, Spain
Joan-Francesc Fondevila-Gascón, CECABLE (Centre d'Estudis sobre el Cable), UPF, URL, UdG (EU Mediterrani) and UOC, Spain
Matteo Gaeta, University of Salerno, Italy
Francisco García-Sánchez, University of Murcia, Spain
Luis B. Gouveia, Universidade Fernando Pessoa, Portugal
Severin Grabski, Michigan State University, United States
Gabriel Guerrero-Contreras, University of Cádiz, Spain
Thorsten Händler, Ferdinand Porsche Mobile University of Applied Sciences (FERNFH), Austria
Keith A. Harman, Oklahoma Baptist University, United States
Mounira Harzallah, LS2N, Polytech Nantes, University of Nantes, France
Vincent Hilaire, UTBM, France
Anca Daniela Ionita, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania
Andreas Jacobsson, Malmö University, Sweden
Murray Jennex, San Diego State University, United States
Gang Kou, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China
Dominique Laurent, ETIS Laboratory CNRS UMR 8051 - Cergy-Pontoise University - ENSEA, France
Mariangela Lazoi, University of Salento, Italy
Michael Leyer, University of Rostock, Germany
Liping Liu, University of Akron, United States
Kecheng Liu, The University of Reading, United Kingdom
Abdelsalam M Maatuk, University of Benghazi, Libya
Carlos A. Malcher Bastos, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil
Federica Mandreoli, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia Italy, Italy
Milosz Marek, Lublin University of Technology, Poland
Ra'ed Masa'deh, The University of Jordan, Jordan
Nada Matta, University of Technology of Troyes, France
Sally McClean, University of Ulster, United Kingdom
Brahami Menaouer, National Polytechnic School of Oran (ENPOran), Algeria
Benito Mignacca, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, Italy
Birendra Mishra, Anderson Graduate School of Management, United States
Michele M. Missikoff, ISTC-CNR, Italy
Vincenzo Moscato, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Italy
Umberto Nanni, Dip. Ingegneria Informatica Automatica e Gestionale, Univ. of Rome La Sapienza, Italy
Patrick Ngulube, University of South Africa (UNISA), South Africa
Shahrokh Nikou, TU Delft, Netherlands
Sreevatsalan Nilakanta, Iowa State University, United States
Fabio Nonino, University Rome La Sapienza, Italy
Ibrahim H. Osman, American University of Beirut, Lebanon
Iraklis Paraskakis, South East European Research Centre, Greece
Wilma Penzo, University of Bologna, Italy
Filipe Portela, Centro ALGORITMI, University of Minho, Portugal
Nicolas Prat, Essec Business School Paris, France
Mohammed Quaddus, Curtin University, Australia
Arkalgud Ramaprasad, University of Illinois at Chicago, India
Behrang Samadi, University of Asia and the Pacific, Philippines
Spiros Skiadopoulos, University of the Peloponnese, Greece
Alessandro Stefanini, University of Pisa, Italy
Marian Stoica, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania
Theodore Trafalis, University of Oklahoma, United States
Leon van der Torre, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Costas Vassilakis, University of the Peloponnese, Greece
Anthony K. Wensley, University of Toronto, Canada
Xi Zhang, Tianjin University, China