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Tutorial 1
TOPINCS Web Database Engineering
Robert Cerny


Topincs is a software for rapid development of web databases. These 'formalized Wikis' use forms instead of wiki markup and enable people with common domain knowledge to collaboratively edit data with a web browser in the office or on the road to preserve and share information. This hands-on tutorial covers the incremental modeling of a Topincs web database schema by using the Topic Maps Constraint Language. This schema alone suffices to have the forms for data entry and the pages for data viewing fully functional. It also touches the programming of services with the virtual schema-specific API. Lastly it teaches the basics of administrating a Topincs installation.

This tutorial will bring you one step closer to a scenario where it is faster to develop a tailored extensible solution based on Topincs than to research and evaluate software options for a given problem. Additionally the need to learn a new user interface with every application disappears since Topincs uses a simple and intuitive approach which is the same over all web databases and has to be only learned once. For more information on Topincs please visit http://www.cerny-online.com/topincs/.

Brief biography of Robert Cerny

Robert Cerny has been working as a freelance software developer in the IT and financial industry since 1996. In 2005 he started developing Topincs to preserve and manage his personal knowledge. The development of Topincs has been guided by his strong believe that there has to be a way to achieve better results with less programming effort. In the course of this work he came in touch with the semantic technology Topic Maps (ISO 13250) and fell in love with it. He is an active member of the Topic Maps community to which he contributed the serialization format JSON Topic Maps (JTM).